Excerpts from Reviews

"A generous, empathetic writer, she believes that the human connection, while imperfect and fragile, takes precedence over any abstraction."
  --The New York Times Book Review

"Mattison is a master of human relationships, capturing their complexities and nuances with wit and precision."
  --Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Mattison's observations are so minutely compelling that each one feels like a shiny object, once lost but found unexpectedly."
  --The New Yorker

"Alice Mattison is a charmer. She's one of those uncommon writers who are genuinely tickled by the ids and egos they commit to paper, and her characters bask--rather than squint--in the sunshine of her affectionate scrutiny."
  --The New York Times Book Review

About When We Argued All Night

"Mattison always operates in both close-up and wide angle, and here the effect is often dazzling. Her prose is so crisp that along with all the pleasures of fiction she manages to deliver the particular intellectual satisfactions of an essay or a documentary."
  —Maria Russo, The New York Times Book Review

About In Case We're Separated

"Rich with extraordinary insight. . . . This novel in stories is captivating, the work of an author who makes magic from the mundane and whose voice grows more assured and authoritative with each new book."
  --Newsday (New York)

"Radiant. . . .A book filled with felicitous writing and ferocious insight."
  --Sue Halpern, The New York Times Book Review

About The Book Borrower

"An ambitious and original novel."
  --Wall Street Journal

"[A]powerful book in which the complex weave of a spiritual sisterhood is rendered with depth, intelligence, and wit."

"It's a marvelous galaxy the author has created."
  --Los Angeles Times

About Nothing Is Quite Forgotten In Brooklyn

"Alice Mattison skillfully explores the emotional minefields of buried memories and revealed recollections in. . .Nothing Is Quite Forgotten In Brooklyn"
  --Hartford Courant

"A delightfully suspenseful domestic drama. . . . Mattison’s novel summons the same exhilarating feeling as sitting on a stoop on a sultry New York City evening, enraptured by a neighbor’s gripping tale.”
  --New York Post

About Hilda and Pearl

"Engaging. . . intuitive. . . . Mattison takes no shortcuts, but leads us down the long road her characters travel in learning to accept and endure."
  --Boston Globe

"Small fireworks of surprise detonate at intervals in this compelling narrative, related. . .with disarming simplicity and economy, and with gripping effect."
  --Publishers Weekly

About The Wedding of the Two-Headed Woman

"[A] quietly splendid novel"
  --The New York Times Book Review

"No friendship is clear-cut, no dalliance entirely fulfilling. As the title would suggest, there are two faces to everyone, and Mattison captures each of them beautifully."
  --Publishers Weekly